• + Track table reservations
  • + Send messages to bar for drinks
  • + Send message to kitchen for food
  • + Easy to add orders for:
    1. Tables
    2. Take away
    3. Delivery
  • + Preview dishes with nice pictures
  • + Supports many languages
  • + Personalise receipts
  • + Reward loyal customers
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It happens everywhere, people go out to eat or have a drink. But how to keep their interest in todays world where everything is about choice and technological revolution.

How to keep in touch with people that check online to see where they will eat, what they have, where they will sit and where they will have the best experience?

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Beautiful interface and easy use, With posios tracking my customers is easy.

Hung Hing restaurant

Great program that also works on my iPad. Now serving my clients got way more efficient. I love it